Here in the rural city of Beitar, located in the Judean Hills of  Israel, there is a wonderful, community oriented shul called Kehilas Ohel Torah. Originally designed for the English speaking community, it has become a center of Torah and Tefilla for the many various Jews who call Beitar home. We now have two prominent kollelim operating in our beis medrash – a full day kollel and a night kollel, thus, the sound of Torah learning can be heard from before dawn until late at night.

The purpose of these kollelim is to support men who devote their lives to learning and teaching Torah, help them grow in Torah and Yiras Shomayim, as well as to make an atmosphere for the community at large to take part in.

The membership of the kollelim is an example of the kibbutz goliyus that we witness today. From Sephardim to Ashkenazim, American ba’aley t’shuva to Yiddish speaking Yerushalmim, even a Ger Tzedek, we are proud to say we have them all! The milchamtah shel Torah is waged in many languages in our beis medrash. Many shiurim are delivered by members of the kollelim to the community at large as well as within the kollel itself. The topics range – Gemora Bekius and Iyun, Hilchos Shabbos, Hilchos Shemiras Halashon, Sefer Yonah w/Biur HaGra as well as mussar on the Parshas Hashavua.