The Beitar Community Kollel was formed to support and produce Talmidei Chachomim ba’aley middos tovos and yiras shomayim and strengthen Torah learning throught the community of Beitar Illit.

Rabbi Avraham Kapash Shlita
Original  Kollel member–Author and Lecturer

In our Kollel It is possible to study with great care without pressure. And that is  particularly due to the fact  that the head of the Kollel is very special.  When he joins in arguments;  many times – he listens to you and even changes direction to agree with you – and this is a sign of true humility

The Members of our Kollel share a  unique Camaraderie and have become true  friends.  Also we  learn wholeheartedly; enabling each other to  discover the truth. And, most importantly, we  all share a common goal of  desiring  is to continually grow in the Torah.

Hananel Amar Shlita
Founder of the Hebrew Daf Yomi for local congregants

We all enjoy coming to the kollel every day It has  a very special atmosphere I have been to many kollels and such a kollel was nowhere to be found and especially that Rabbi Gideon encourages the all the Kollel members, and tries to be in touch regularly with all the students.

The  Kollel members have many wonderful fine qualities.  They are serious students, teachers, authors of Halacha and Gemara Sefarim, class tutors.  Many of whom finish Shas every year. All the members study seriously because the study is important to them.  Even when the Rosh Kollel travels to the US our schedules continue daily.

The members here encourage each other. For example, I wear tefillin in the afternoon and receive warm feedback from the other students.   In many other kollels – such a thing is forbidden. And also every student here is encouraged to fulfill their own growth and aspirations–and to inspire and Ohel Torah community members.

There is a strong connection between the community and the kollel. There are many partnership learning sessions involving the Kehilla,  several classes including a Daf Yomi.. Since the kollel started – the community has only risen.